Building professional communities and user groups

Service of building professional communities and user groups is nowadays winning popularity among hi-tech companies. As for software companies, such communities had long ago been recognized among the most efficient tools of promotion.

Capability of building a professional project team of experts recognized at the market able to solve technical questions and problems and make market penetration easy, is a strong advantage for IT companies. Often members of such communities can describe one or other software product and service much more professionally than journalists who do not always take pains to grasp technological aspects. Such professional communities make PR promotion more efficient then traditional promotion tools. If the members of a professional community are motivated to contribution of articles and conducting researches and experiments, the results can lick all creations. In international practice the experts devoutly interested in promotion of the technology they take fancy in are called evangelists.

Professional communities can include widely recognized experts as well as ordinary specialists professionally involved in the according technologies. As a rule communities hold monthly meetings where they discuss various problems connected with the vendor’s products, organize trainings for the state-of-the-art instruments and technologies. User groups usually focus on specific products or product families and groups. For example RAFPUG community (Russian Adobe Flash User Group) intensely supported by Gurov and Partners PR agency unites specialists in the field of flash-design (in 2008 this user group became the most numerous in the world).