Corporate Communications

“Gurov and Partners” agency sticks to an integrated approach to communication activities. We strongly believe that the PR strategy of any company is defined by its business strategy. And, depending on the specific business tasks, the most appropriate communication tools should be selected. Leading companies actively form external and internal information environments, comprehensively approaching the issues of their own promotion.

As part of this approach, we can develop an original medium-term and long-term strategy for PR-advancement of the customer, its products and technologies, the company’s top executives. The proposed solutions are prepared on the basis of a detailed study of the client’s business and its competitive environment.

We offer our clients the support for corporate communications on a subscription basis (subscription service), providing information support to the activities of organizations, preparation of financial and non-financial reporting.

We also provide communication support for the processes of changing the corporate structure, develop and implement programs in the field of social responsibility of business.

As an aspect of our work we also carry out PR-promotion of individuals (shareholders, management, experts of the company, etc.).