What we do the best

Promotion of international companies in Russia

Thanks to the rebuilt business processes, we are an ideal agency for an international customer. In “Gurov and Partners” there is English-speaking staff with extensive experience in managing large PR-campaigns.

We do not just localize the available marketing materials, but we also offer new ideas taking into account the Russian specifics. At the same time, customers who do not have a developed representative office in Russia can use our infrastructure and employees to negotiate with partners and solve other business problems.

We work not only in all regions of Russia, but we can supervise the promotion in the CIS and Baltic countries.

— I have been cooperating with the “Gurov and Partners” since January 2009. This is a very dynamic and proactive PR-agency with a perfect understanding of the Russian IT market. Considering that we have successfully implemented several joint events, I can say that “Gurov and Partners” have become for us not only a PR agency, but also a real reliable business partner.

Olga Masek, Marketing Director, VMware, Inc., Russia / CIS
After the first jointly implemented project, I noticed a number of positive points. The “Gurov and Partners” team always responds promptly to the appeals of our employees and professionally handles the information: press releases, interviews, analytical articles and other materials that meet the standards and are easily accepted by the leading business and industry media.
The staff of the agency are always friendly and open to communication. Customer’s time is valued here. There is absolutely no need to make efforts to compile an extensive technical specification. To make adjustments to the progress of the project, a telephone call is sufficient. I would like to especially emphasis that “Gurov and Partners” clearly understand the tasks which are set before them and initiate new, mutually beneficial forms of cooperation.

Vladimir Karagioff, Director of Business Development in the CIS Adobe Systems

Technological PR

We absolutely understand how to promote high technology. For nine years we have encouraged more than one hundred Russian IT companies to work with the media and advance on the Internet.

At the same time, the range of our capabilities is much wider comparing to a regular PR agency. We know how the system of IT distribution is arranged and therefore can offer vendor, distributor, system integrator specific services.

“Gurov and partners” can develop a strategy for launching new solutions in the market, help with building a partner network and lidogenerasity, provide interaction with federal and regional authorities, develop the entire set of marketing materials (including user instructions and screencasts).

— We are especially pleased with the agency’s specialists who with sincere interest have understood the specifics of our activities and were able to tell about it to our targeted audiences in a simple and understandable language. To solve a number of complex problems, the agency had to work almost in a round-the-clock mode. However, all the solutions proposed by the agency were focused on the development of our company’s business

Dmitry Velichkin, CEO of the Flexis group. Has been using the services of a PR agency for more than eight years
— For a short time of cooperation with the agency “Gurov and Partners” we managed to witness the professionalism and competence of his team. We are impressed by the partner’s approach to work: focusing on the client’s business interests, focusing on the result, as well as the indifferent attitude and willingness to help in solving various issues. “Gurov and partners” is the contractor, which you can always rely on

Elena Vorobushkova, PR Manager of M2M Telematics

Promotion of consulting business

Consulting companies of different profiles use our services since 2007. We ourselves are engaged in consulting. Therefore, we are aware what tools really work.

We build work with the media and online resources, organize events for clients, ensure the participation of customers in exhibitions and conferences, make work with industry associations more effective.

Any consulting business is, first of all, people. When advancing a consulting company, a key aspect is the personal PR of its managers and leading specialists.

— Our companies have much in common. Especially, the approach to solving business problems of the client and a free, creative atmosphere within the collectives. We are glad that we found like-minded persons in the person of PR-agency

Andrey Skvortsov, General Director of Mercator. Has been using the services of a PR agency for more than eight years
Какое пиар-агентство выбрать? — In “Gurov and Partners” I found, as they say, the company of my dreams — the knowledge of traditional and new PR technologies is combined with the understanding of the IT market at which my services are aimed.
We have a process of mutually beneficial cooperation — they teach me how to properly build my personal brand, and how to promote it in the market, and I explain the intricacies of sales and work with IT products.
We started our work recently, and so far we can only talk about the first results. But right now I can say that we are in for a great success.

Alex Slobodyanyuk, CEO of Astra. He has been working with a PR agency since 2015

Development and implementation of digital-strategy

What is the best way to use modern technologies to solve business problems? Do your companies need Internet portals, mobile applications, „augmented reality” or other tools? What result will you get?

Gurov and Partners can carry out the audit of the customer’s digital assets and develop a digital strategy. We are ready to undertake a full cycle of works, including content creation, promotion and management of all technical processes. The most serious experience we have in the development of large portal solutions.

More than twenty of our projects in the most diverse sectors of the economy were able to become leaders in their segments. For the implementation of projects for the authorities, our specialists have state awards (including for the creation of a single portal for the popularization of cultural heritage „Kultura.RF” — the largest domestic Internet project in the field of culture).
Other projects include corporate solutions for Gazprom Neft, several investment portals, and thematic news agencies.