July 31, 2015

Gurov and Partners to embrace new monitoring tool

Opiner, a Russian company focused on the social media data analysis, opened their text data process technology.

This would give businesses wide opportunities for analysis based on either the highly secure cloud platform or their own servers.

The Opiner products users can now utilize the app to not only process social media data but also search through the internal documents. The Opiner Search solution enables information structuring and further discovery driven data mining to assist business decision making process. The data can be stored on the corporate servers as well as within a trusted cloud platform.

Gurov and Partners Communications Group was among the early birds to use the Opiner Monitoring  - social media monitoring service.

 “The agency spends a huge amount of human resources for data search and analysis, - notes Eugeny Glushakov, specialist in media analysis, Gurov and Partners. – The tools present on the market are either too expensive or hardly customizable to meet requirements of our clients. So far our experience with the Opiner Monitoring proved its adoptability for a consulting business.”

To address a problem of Big Data semantic analysis Opiner opens access to its API for developers. Among functions open within Opiner API there are Opiner Sentiment (text tonality detection), Opiner Semantics (word sense tagging) and Opiner Clustering (search for similar texts within huge data arrays).

 “Many companies are in possession of substantial volumes of non-structured information, - says Ilya Chetverkin, a founder of Opiner. – Only such narrow-focused tools as search indexes and ontology resources make possible a prompt access and proficient analysis of such data. Opiner provides technology capabilities and user-friendly interface to upload information and perform its mental processing.”