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PR of IT companies: Russian practice. 2nd edition, 2016

PR of IT companies: Russian practice. 2nd edition, 2016

The book has updated information about the Russian and foreign markets, as well as the description of new tools (for example, screencasts) and tips for technological start-ups. But the most important difference is actual case studies of projects that have been implemented in Russia over the past three years.

Currently, almost all Russian PR-agencies declare their interest in cooperation with the IT-sector, but in most cases it ends with frustration on the part of the customer. The main problem is the lack of understanding by PR-specialists of the technological business. In addition, when promoting IT-companies often use specific PR-technologies, which cause difficulties even for experienced PR people.

“I hope this book will prove useful not only for PR specialists, but also for managers involved in the management and development of the technology business,” claims Philip Gurov.

PR of IT companies: Russian practice, 2011

PR of IT companies: Russian practice, 2011

As participants in one of the rapidly growing segments of the economy, IT companies, like no other, need an effective PR support for their business. However, the promotion of companies in the IT sector often requires the use of specific technologies that are difficult even for experienced PR people.

Before the publication of this book on the Russian market there was no literature that would systematize the Russian and world experience of PR work in the information technology market.

The book describes the most effective tools for PR-promotion of business, operating in the information technology market, and presents a number of examples of successful PR-campaigns.

The book covers a wide range of readers — from beginners to PR-specialists and managers involved in the management and development of technology business.

Promoting business on the Internet: everything about PR and advertising on the network. 2nd edition, 2009

Promoting business on the Internet: everything about PR and advertising on the network. 2nd edition

The second edition of the book contains a number of important additions, taking into account the emergence of new promotional tools. The book is better adapted for the learning process and is still used by a number of universities when training PR specialists.

Working on the second edition, the author almost completely rewrote several sections (less than a year the Internet promotion market has seriously changed). The book also contains a new opportunity to receive additional materials on the topic. Some interesting fragments that go beyond the paper book are available for listening, readers simply call from a mobile phone at the number indicated in the book.

Promoting business on the Internet: all about PR and advertising on the network, 2007

Promoting business on the Internet: all about PR and advertising on the network

One of the most popular all over Russia books about public relations (the best sales among business literature according to the version of the store “Moscow”), the best work on the theory of PR (PROBA-IPRA Golden World Awards).

Why do some companies thrive while others lose their business? Today the Internet became the most important tool for promotion. Much depends on the methods by which you yourself, web-studios or advertising and PR-agencies promote your business. These methods are often unethical, illegal and simply wrong. For example, the promotion of an online store is radically different from the promotion of a network publication. As a result, the owners of Internet resources receive daily a huge profit.

This book is the first attempt in our country to tell about all effective methods of advertising and PR on the Internet.

In addition, the book will help you to formulate yourself — what do you want from your own site. The publication will be useful to both Internet professionals and newcomers.