September 14, 2017

11th place on NR2C list

The communication group „Gurov and Partners” took 11th place in the National Rating of Communication Companies (NR2K). This is the most authoritative Russian rating of PR agencies.

In 2013, supporting by the Russian Academy of Public Relations (RAOS) and the largest industry associations (AKOS, RASO, IABC / Russia, AKMR), the first national rating of communication companies was formed in Russia, that subsequently became a significant annual event in the PR industry.

National rating of communication companies (NR2K) is the first complex product of this kind, which, first of all, is designed to improve the information transparency of the PR services market and promote development and confidence building between market participants.

"Carrying out the National Rating of Communication Companies is an important step on the way to further development of the communications industry. A necessary condition for participating in the rating is to ensure openness and transparency of the company’s activities, "commented Vitaly Rasnitsyn, president of the Russian Academy of Public Relations (RAO). In the National rating of NR2К data of the rating of communication companies of Russia on parameters which are defined in annually updated methodology of carrying out of a rating are integrated.

The ratings are supported by the Russian Academy of Public Relations (RAO), the Russian Public Relations Association (RASO), the Association of Public Consultants (AKOS), the Association of Communications and Corporate Media Directors of Russia (AKMR).