September 14, 2015

Gurov and Partners announces partnership with Plexus

Gurov and Partners Communication Group has announced its becoming a Russian hub for the international Plexus PR-network. Being members of the network, PR agencies from more than 30 countries unanimously approved the partnership.

Founded in 2001, Plexus has since mainly been focusing on promotion of technology business. It serves about 200 clients including Apple, Google, Nokia, Phillips, Sony, Visa and Xerox. Plexus member agencies provide services in various areas including consumer and lifestyle goods, healthcare, culture and tourism, education and the automotive industry.

Phil Gurov, managing partner of Gurov and Partners Communication Group, has expressed his excitement regarding the partnership:

"For more than eight years we have been working successfully with Russian offices of the largest international hi-tech companies. We expect our partnership with Plexus to boost the number of exciting opportunities that we embark upon. In the meantime, we will be able to offer additional services for domestic technological businesses entering the foreign market. We believe that partnering with Plexus we throw open the gates of the best practices of international Public Relations and topnotch expertize in doing communications globally".

Furthermore, the founders of Plexus are equally pleased to have Gurov and Partners onboard:

“We are glad to see a player as strong as Gurov and Partners in our network and we trust that their experience in Public Relations will aid the further expansion and progress of Plexus as a whole. The unanimous approval of all of our members regarding a partnership with this agency is a clear indication of our faith in their ability. Therefore, our clients can be assured that they will receive services of the highest standard from Gurov and Partners (and indeed, all members of Plexus)”. – Louise Stewart-Muir, Co-Founder of Plexus and Joint Managing Director at Say Communications, UK.

Gurov and Partners Communication Group started its operations in 2007 and today, we are leading the way in hi-tech business promotion providing our clients with expertize in media relations, planning and implementation of GR campaigns and Digital.